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As a talent & label management team, we aim to be a catalyst for music and guide our artists roster towards tapping into fullest potential, both personally and across dance floors worldwide. Together, We Keep The Party Moving.

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Martín Y Corazón

Martín y Corazón, two Brooklynites hailing from sunny, Dominican Republic, share a solid friendship for over 16 years and a deep love for music from an early age. Their pursuit of music on a professional level as teenagers earned them their fame and reputation as leading producers and DJs in Brooklyn. They soon transitioned to house music and sentimental latin dance roots.

Their musical collaboration creates melodic and grandiose sounds on the dance floor, making it impossible to stop dancing. Martín y Corazón are best known for their highly energetic old school house, tech, and deep house vibe with nods to Chicago and New York. Through starting and co-owning Golden Record NYC, Martín has built his foundation on the dance floor for over 4 years to date.

Corazón has produced a number of dance floor-ready releases, most recently, a hit called “Drop Dat”  on Good Company Records August 28th, 2020. Already with Brooklyn's support, Martín y Corazón and are on the way to becoming one of NYC's hottest act through their delivery of a complete aural experience with seamless transitioning between genres. 


Every month KTPM will plan, produce and market an Artist Series. We're always on the look out for new talent to feature. Whether it's a live performance or a DJ set, drop us an inquiry, we'd love to hear from you!

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